I was also (T)here, but just by chance I was not another one. I have no consent to speak for them; I cannot represent their pain, as this is impossible. Currently, our only similarity is the place we once shared.

(T)here, I stood in the middle; in the middle ground that generates extremes, and in which I would later call the third space and through my artistic practice, I am trying to understand.

I seek and plan situations as a pretext to perceive what happened (T)here. When drawing the facts, I accept the impossibility of being objective. Making scale models is the way to present what could happen again.

I equally consider the actions that occur (T)here, in the space, on either side of a conflict: burn, demolish, explode. With my work, I plan to reduce the matter and its possible implications.

Pablo Gomez Uribe
Nueva York. 2012.